The Haydenshapes model range is made up of a collection of shapes and designs that feature innovative and functional design attributes for high performance surfing. Hayden’s design philosophy centers on modern construction, using the latest performance enhancing materials as well as his penchant for a unique and sophisticated overall look and aesthetic.


Haydenshapes manufacture using two different options of construction. FutureFlex, a stringer-less parabolic carbon fiber frame technology designed and patented by Hayden Cox, and PE (Polyurethane Epoxy Laminate) which in Hayden’s opinion, is a more premium and quality alternative the traditional PU (Polyurethane Polyester Laminate) construction. Each and every Haydenshapes surfboard is made by hand in Hayden’s unique manufacturing process, from premium custom designed materials shipped from the likes of Australia, Japan, France and the USA. Our materials have been co-designed by Hayden and are created exclusively for the Haydenshapes brand so that our customers and community receive an experience with our product that is authentic and cannot be replicated.

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Haydenshapes offer fin set up’s in both Futures Fins and FCS II for all custom surfboards. Our retail program surfboard program consists of predominantly Futures Fins, following years of working with the Futures team to engineer performance fins suited the design specifications of Haydenshapes shapes and constructions.


Where our passion for innovation, modern construction and performance in our surfboard designs lies, comes our vision for aesthetics, colour and visual appeal. Although we are avid fans of clean and crisp simplicity in the look and feel of our product, we also draw a lot inspiration from a variety of artistic mediums beyond the world of surf. Art and expression through design makes up a crucial part of Haydenshapes’ DNA and brand culture. In addition to our custom tinted resin artworks that we offer, at various moments, we invite selected individuals, artists, fashion houses and creative’s that we admire to design signature prints for us.

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